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HOT Recharge

for Aggregators.

What is an Aggregator?

The aggregator business model involves collecting information on players and competitors in a particular niche, partnering with them, and selling their products or services under your brand. Typically, it is a marketing strategy where the two parties have a win-win partnership. The aggregator’s role is to help the product owners and service providers reach more customers.

HOT Recharge is an aggregator, and so are many of the companies that connect and partner with us to sell a wide range of prepaid electronic products to a wide range of customers locally in Zimbabwe and internationally..

  • What services do you offer Aggregators?

    We offer our partners electronic methods to do business with all cellular and fixed networks in Zimbabwe without HOT. Webservice 3.0 API.

    1. Proper Authentication, Secured encrypted transactions, Carrier grade server environments
    2. API GET for the constantly updated product lists available and methods variables needed
    3. One integration, done properly will allow the aggregator’s website, application or POS system to add new products and fields as needed.
    3. Integration support, contact with our development team and several libraries in a growing developer network
    4. • Call Centre with our inhouse support staff giving regular updating of issues.

  • Do I have to use all services?

    No, you can choose your implementation.

    1. Some aggregators are only interested in simple core airtime.
    2. Some are only interested in a single Network’s offering
    3. Some want the simplicity of a single integration and API, single payment and balance
    4. A single point of contact for all products in a whole country
    5. Special methods for retailers’ POS systems and banks

  • What products are available

    1. All prepaid products for any cellphone network, fixed phone and electricity in Zimbabwe. Other products are being added regularly as integrations become available.
    2. All networks core airtime credit in USD and ZiG
    3. All EVD based products for all networks
    4. All data, data bundles, combination bundles in both currenciesy
    5. ZESA, Nyaradzo and TelOne USD and ZiG

  • Will I need to redevelop my applications for the new products

    1. Generally, not, if you develop using the dynamic product listing, we provide your portal will automatically update with the correct product list and pricing.
    2. All your customer needs to do is provide the relevant information in the newly available fields

  • What reports can I get.

    1. The API provides methods to query every transaction you make
    2. It provides for you to download transactions lists
    3. The website also gives human readable reporting and downloadable transaction lists

  • What automated reports can I get?

    1. Standard daily and monthly emails with a summary of sales, costs and balances, all payments received in the day.
    2. Attached .csv files with transactions to use in reconciliations
    3. Contact the office for customised versions as needed

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